Cherish life. Nourish it.

Things that Nourish

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Nourishment is so much more than just food or nutrients. It’s the sound of an unexpected rain shower on a hot summer’s day. A glance between loved ones that speaks wordlessly. The deep peace of the breath as we cool down from a workout. The scent of fresh lavender. Planting things and watching them grow. Feeling the sun on our face and savoring our life. Touch. Aroma. Music. All beautifully, compellingly nourishing.

The act of planning meals and preparing food we love is nourishing on several levels: Intention, thoughtfulness, creativity, and curiosity converge. Each is deeply fulfilling. Cooking creatively says, “I’m worth taking care of.”  It allows us to slow down and experience true pleasure several times a day. Memories are made. 

Please join me as we discuss, explore, and experience all things nourishing. 




Author: lizwinn

Biochemistry, psychology, food, cooking, spirituality, friends, and family are my world. I come here to write about them all, all the things that Nourish.

One thought on “Things that Nourish

  1. Nice reminders….the things that matter most are everywhere …..
    we just have to stop and take notice.

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