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More evidence linking stress, genes and cancer

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MP900321070Scientists have been accruing evidence on the many connections between our stress levels and disease. This  study, just out, adds this crucial information about the spread, or metastasis, of cancer as influenced by a stress-triggered gene:

“cancer cells somehow coax immune-system cells that have been recruited to the site of a tumor to express ATF3 (newly discovered gene). Though it’s still unclear how, ATF3 promotes the immune cells to act erratically and give cancer an escape route from a tumor to other areas of the body…………the rest of the cells in the body help cancer cells to move, to set up shop at distant sites. And one of the unifying themes here is stress.”

All the more reason to create a calm, purpose filled life. Also, learning to think differently about our stressors could lessen their ability to harm our health.

The article also states that one stress triggering this gene is a lack of oxygen. Which make deep breathing and movement all the more nourishing and healing.

Author: lizwinn

Biochemistry, psychology, food, cooking, spirituality, friends, and family are my world. I come here to write about them all, all the things that Nourish.

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