Cherish life. Nourish it.

Who can see the wind?



The answer, apparently, is all of us, now. These mesmerizing, real-time images are beautiful to behold, and speak of a graceful flow, even a power, to life from which we may currently feel—a bit detached.

Who of us has not connected with the outdoors by dancing in the wind as a child? Or run into the wind’s embrace as we towed our kite on a string, captivated by its flight? More moments outdoors in our natural world may just be the nourishment we hunger for……

We are all part of something so much larger than ourselves.

Author: lizwinn

Biochemistry, psychology, food, cooking, spirituality, friends, and family are my world. I come here to write about them all, all the things that Nourish.

2 thoughts on “Who can see the wind?

  1. I love the wind, its sound especially, but also the effect it has on the mind & soul in a sense of well-being. A breeze, a wind can take me somewhere else… it moves, transports and rejuvenates me. A sound, smell, sight & sensation that nourishes the soul.

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