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Yellow Squash, Indonesian style

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Vadouvan is a spice blend that combines Indian and French influences. Like curry powders, each blend is a little different. Many contain sugar and corn (maltodextrin), and should be avoided by those with sensitivities. Also, it’s much easier to control seasoning if a salt-free blend is used: then you can add salt to personal taste. My favorite ready made spice combination is from Williams Sonoma, and contains 11 ingredients. This spice blend is rather delicate, and some of its subtle flavors do not hold up well to prolonged, high heat cooking.

Makes a nice side for meat eaters. I had mine over leftover red quinoa.

Serves 6-8 generously

Oven 425 Degrees F


This goes together in a flash and roasts in the oven while you prep other things.

2 lb yellow squash, washed and ends trimmed, cut on the diagonal

2 cups sliced celery stalks

1/4 tsp cracked pepper

salt to taste

2 teaspoons fruity olive oil

Toss the above together and cover. Roast for 20 minutes or until squash is barely tender and celery is tender-crisp. Remove from oven and stir in:

2 T Vadouvan spice blend (widely available, I used Williams Sonoma brand)

Re-cover, and roast 5 more minutes. Remove to a serving dish and top with:

2 T minced Cilantro leaves

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